Summer Part-Time OSP Technician

Position Description:

Work with aboveground and underground plant equipment, including service drops, cables, and building terminals. Set-up, rack, splice, transfer, repair, bond, and test aerial, underground, and buried cable.   Read and maintain splice assignment diagrams and other design prints to ensure accurate as-built diagrams at the time of installation through any moves, adds, changes, and deletions. Mount, cut-in, and repair cable terminal cases. Operate company vehicle as required.  Perform such work under minimum.


Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Work with small hand tools, mechanical equipment, test equipment, color coded and tone identified wires in the connection of wires and cables to other electronic/optronic equipment and in connecting cable pairs.
  • Understand written specifications and follow established procedures of moderate complexity including, but not limited to, splice assignment diagrams and as-built OSP diagrams with the ability to accurately record as-built information on all new installations, as well as, moves, adds, changes and deletions to update existing as-build drawings.
  • Splice by fusion splice, identify panel and equipment connectors for the installation of patch panels including ability to specify and install cable management hardware to ensure a well-managed, professional inside wiring cabling plant and well-organized OSP at splice case enclosures.
  • Place and connect cable terminals, optics, and NIDS.
  • Use test equipment to verify and determine defective fibers in cable.
  • Perform cable acceptance tests to determine if cable meets specified requirements.
  • Attach or detach various kinds of hardware to fibers, cables, buildings, or poles.
  • Empty water and other debris from manholes as required.
  • Monitor contractor excavation around existing facilities as required.
  • Assist in emergency maintenance of OSP as required.
  • Assist in the turn-up of lit services and facility-infrastructure services as required.
  • Assist locate company in the marking and locating of OSP facilities as required.
  • Interface with authorities having jurisdiction and adjacent property owners to maintain positive relationship with permitting authorities and land owners along the route. Dismantle, move, or remove building wire, cable, associated equipment, and hardware in a manner consistent with premises owner/landlord requirement to maintain a positive relationship between the company and the landlord/premise owner.
  • Read and interpret cut sheets and work order prints in order to complete work assignments.
  • Handle and climb ladders, enter tunnels, buildings, trenches, crawl spaces and manholes to perform work as required.
  • Maintain a well-organized field service truck, splice trailer, fusion splicer and other miscellaneous tools with accurate inventory tracking of all miscellaneous cabling/optronics (cable, inner duct, patch cords, SFPs, optical padding, patch panels, splice cases, cable management, and other miscellaneous inventory items.)


  • First consideration will be given to an individual who has successfully held the position of OSP Technician or who possesses the equivalent experience (i.e., other telecommunications company \ experience).
  • Must possess, at time of appointment, a valid State class “C” driver’s license and, if required at the assigned job site, must demonstrate proficiency in the operation of a vehicle equipped with standard (manual shift) transmission. Individuals may be required to obtain a valid State Class “A” driver’s license, after appointment, to meet vehicle or equipment operation requirements. (Class “A” drivers will be subject to random drug tests in accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations).

Job Location:

Wapakoneta, Ohio 

Position Specifics:

  • Hours are generally 8:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  • This work requires frequent pushing, pulling and lifting of moderate objects throughout the workday and, in limited cases, heavy objects. 

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