New Customer Portal Reveals CNI’s Commitment to Online All the Time

CNI’s new customer portal “CNI Insights” delivers on their commitment to elevating customer experience and differentiating service value for customers.

“A key pillar of the new unified CNI is elevating customer experience through enhanced communication with customers in a way that’s intuitive, simple, and dependable,” said Ryan Bailey, CEO at CNI, when he announced the new CNI.

“Our new customer portal, CNI Insights, delivers on our commitment to elevating the customer experience,” Bailey said. “Now customers have a live portal with a wealth of real time information on the services they buy from CNI. These services are the heart of the success of their business, and we are committed to ensuring we deliver as much value as possible.”

The CNI Insights portal provides value for customers that is unequaled. The portal includes 24/7 access to service status, reporting, trends, plus an abundance of information critical to CNI customer’s success.

“Our partner LB Networks supported us in turning up the portal in just a couple of weeks. It leverages the advanced analytics, reporting and presentation of the Business Service Portal and OcularIP platform,” Bailey went on to say. “Following up on when we launched the new CNI we’re here to help businesses use tech to their fullest advantage. The new Insights portal is a foundation of the CNI commitment.

“We are excited that our Business Service Portal is a pillar of CNI’s success,” said Raymond Chiu, CEO at LB Networks. “CNI has leveraged the unique customization capabilities of the platform to differentiate their services and organization in the market.”

CNI is excited to begin the rollout of the new CNI Insights portal and will be reaching out to all customers soon with more information. In the meantime, if existing customers have questions you can contact your Account Executive or email

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