Network Operations Center (NOC)

Expand and sustain your network with hands-off monitoring and hands-on networking

CNI’s Network Operations Center is a 24/7/365 department staffed with seasoned veterans. The NOC has daily, hands-on experience with a wide array of vendors and technologies:

A team of NOC experts keeps you online, all the time

We don’t just consult or notify you of problems. Our engineering team that builds our own fiber network provides real-time, hands-off monitoring you never have to touch and then deploys hands-on networking to provide you with the infrastructure needed to keep you online 24/7.

We are a proud participant in the MANRS program, a community of security-conscious organizations committed to strengthening and securing the global routing infrastructure. MANRS compliance means our customers can rest assured that we care about our network hygiene as well as the security of the internet access we deliver.



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