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Founded in 1993 with a pioneering spirit, our telecommunications company is reshaping how the world connects. Our story has been one of constant evolution, driven by the belief that connectivity is more than just technology—it’s about bringing people, ideas, and possibilities together.

With a legacy spanning three decades, we’re excited to continue shaping the future of communication and connecting the world in innovative ways. Join us as we work to keep companies online, all the time.

Meet Our Executive Team

Aaron Holtz, CEO

Having been with CNI for 25-plus years, Aaron has been at the forefront of shaping our company’s technological landscape. He has consistently pushed the boundaries of what telecommunications can achieve, ushering in new eras of technological advancement with confidence all while maintaining a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

As CEO, Aaron brings extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry and a drive for research and development of next-generation solutions ensuring CNI’s commitment to helping our customers stay online, all the time.

Fun fact: Aaron is the other co-owner of Municipal Brew Works with CNI team member, David Frey. Municipal Brew Works has a taproom and distributes in the Cincinnati and Lima areas.

David Frey, COO/CFO

David, our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, stands at the heart of our strategic operations and financial team. With over 25 years at CNI and an exceptional track record in overseeing complex operations, David brings a wealth of experience and insight to the team.

From optimizing processes to implementing forward-thinking financial strategies, he’s dedicated to ensuring our company’s sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving industry. Thanks to David’s guidance and desire to make a difference, we’re not just meeting the challenges of today’s telecommunications landscape—we’re shaping it.

Fun fact: David also co-owns a brewery—Municipal Brew Works. When outside of the office, he loves spending time with his family and five grandchildren. David’s youngest daughter was also just named CFO for the company she works for, making her a third-generation CFO.

Nathan Zehringer, CRO

With a strategic mind and a results-oriented approach, Nathan forges new avenues for success and maximizes CNI’s market potential. Nathan has consistently demonstrated his passion for identifying untapped opportunities and cultivating strong customer relationships.

Nathan loves working closely with our teams to develop tailored solutions that meet our customer’s needs and drive our company’s financial growth. His commitment to excellence and innovation has played an instrumental role in shaping CNI’s long-term success.

Fun fact: Nathan enjoys golf, fishing, comedy, political science, and being the life of the party.

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CNI is always interested in adding dedicated, passionate team members to our staff. If you want to shift your career to CNI, check out our current openings.

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